October 04, 2017

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Paul G Allen

The Unbelievable Ways 15 Billionaires Got Their Start


The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, worth reportedly $86 billion, is perhaps the most iconic example of the college dropout turned über-rich mogul. The son of a prominent lawyer, he was headed toward a career in law when he was an undergraduate at Harvard, where he enrolled in 1973, but he had an intense passion for computer science and an intimidating intellect that led him astray.

He left the college after two years, and it wasn’t long before he started his computer software company with Paul Allen. He was also undeniably lucky, finding himself at the right place at the right time, which is why you shouldn’t necessarily use him as a guide for your own climb up the entrepreneurial ladder…


Microsoft : Building a better coral reef

4 Traders

A large-scale restoration effort could be expensive, and so far, governments have put up only modest sums, despite the hit that their multibillion-dollar tourism industries could take from the continued deterioration of the reefs.

Private philanthropists ” including Paul G Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft ” are paying for much of the early work, spending millions. But will they ultimately commit billions? And while scientists are trying modest approaches first, the most effective strategy for saving reefs, in the long run, might be through genetic methods, including selective breeding or transferring heat-resistance genes into corals…


A City on a Hill: What every Seattleite should know (a list)

Madison Park Times

Techie Seattle and its Boeing roots (really). How a City of Engineers morphed into a City of Coders.

The UW’s heritage in medical technologies. Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s “old Seattle” backgrounds. Why Jeff Bezos and Nintendo set up shop here. Video games as an art form. The “tech bro” stereotype and tech-biz sexism...


Indianapolis City Market raising funds to honor WWII & IFD Veteran


The USS Indianapolis gained worldwide attention in August 2017 when a team of civilian researchers, led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, found the lost ship more than three miles beneath the ocean surface.

The Japanese submarine that sank the USS Indianapolis, I-58, was also found near the Japanese city of Nagasaki by The Society La Plongee for Deep Sea Technology in September 2017…


University of Virginia’s Kochard Is Said to Join Makena as CIO


Lawrence Kochard, 61, who oversaw the University of Virginia’s $8.6 billion funds for seven years, joins Makena in January, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. Kochard replaces Luke Proskine, a managing director who remains with Makena as director of the investment strategy, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the information is private.

Makena, launched in 2005 with backing from Stanford and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen, declined to comment. Kochard, who departs from the Virginia endowment by year-end, didn’t return phone and email messages seeking comment…


Laurene Powell Jobs is joining the wide world of sports


Powell Jobs will join the ranks of tech industry luminaries who own sports franchises.

Others include venture capitalist Joe Lacob, co-owner of NBA champions the Golden State Warriors; former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who owns the Los Angeles Clippers; Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who owns the Portland Trail Blazers and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks; and Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban, who founded software integrator MicroSolutions…


Piaggio Group: Piaggio Fast Forward at The World Frontiers Forum in Boston


Piaggio Fast Forward is taking part at the World Frontiers Forum together with leading players in fields ranging from biomedical research and art to cultural promotion and finance.

They include Verily (a company in the Alphabet group), Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group (bioscience), Wyss Institute (a biomedical engineering research institute based in Harvard), VIA Art Fund (a no-profit organization that supports art projects) and Northstar Advisors (a private equity company headquartered in Singapore)…


SharesPost and Fidelity plan to make private shares a force for charity

San Francisco Chronicle.com

Some of the world’s biggest philanthropists hail from tech firms: Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen from Microsoft, Marc Benioff from Salesforce, Pierre Omidyar of eBay.

Aside from giving away millions of dollars each year to charities and other social causes, these company founders also share one thing in common: Most of their wealth comes from publicly traded stock…


Vulcan Aerospace

Stratolaunch Aircraft completes the first phase of engine testing

JEC Composites

Engine testing was conducted with a build-up approach and consisted of three phases. First as a ‘dry motor,’ where we used an auxiliary power unit to charge the engine. Next, as a ‘wet motor,’ where we introduced fuel. Finally, each engine was started one at a time and allowed to idle. In these initial tests, each of the six engines operated as expected.

It has been a busy and productive several months since the aircraft left the hangar for the first time and began ground and flight line testing…


Vulcan Productions

What’s on TV Wednesday: A Baby Elephant Documentary and a Beatles Musical

New York Times

NATURE: NALEDI: ONE LITTLE ELEPHANT 8 p.m. on PBS (check local listings). It might get a little dusty in your room while watching this new documentary, starring a baby elephant named Naledi in Botswana who is orphaned soon after birth.

Her herd is unable to care for her, so Naledi is temporarily adopted by caretakers at the Abu Camp, who teach her how to drink milk from a bottle and later return her to the herd that had forgotten her. The documentary, produced by Paul Allen, also tracks the 2016 Great Elephant Census, which revealed worrisome population data…


Allen Institute for Brain Science

Paul G. Allen Commits $300M to Expand the Allen Institute for Brain Science to Drive Toward a Complete Understanding of How the Brain Works


The Allen Institute for Brain Science announced today that, given its achievements to date, Paul G. Allen has committed an additional $300 million to the Institute to significantly expand its scientific programs. Bringing his total commitment to date to $500 million, Allen has charged the Institute with tackling some of the most fundamental and complex questions in brain science today.

The answers to these questions are essential for achieving a complete understanding of how the brain works, what goes wrong in brain-related diseases and disorders, and how best to treat them…


Allen Distinguished Educators

Collaborators Preserve Archive-Quality Audio Recordings on DNA


San Francisco, CA (Scicasts) — Twist Bioscience has announced that working with Microsoft and University of Washington researchers, they have successfully stored archival-quality audio recordings of two important music performances from the archives of the world-renowned Montreux Jazz Festival.

According to the report, these selections are encoded and stored in nature’s preferred storage medium, DNA. These tiny specks of DNA will preserve a part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Archive, where valuable cultural heritage collections are recorded. This is the first time DNA has been used as a long-term archival-quality storage medium…


Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks Announce The Week Four CenturyLink High School Athlete Of The Week


SEATTLE and RENTON, Wash. – The Seattle Seahawks, CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE: CTL) and Q13 FOX (KCPQ) announced Renée Daniela DePencier Piñero of Eastside Catholic School as the week four CenturyLink High School Athlete of the Week. Renée will be recognized on the field at CenturyLink Field during the November 5 game vs. the Washington Redskins.

Renée, a junior at Eastside Catholic School, was selected Athlete of the Week based on her leadership through athletics, academics, and community action. She is dedicated to her academics and holds a 4.0 GPA while studying astronomy at the Washington Aerospace Scholar Program…