October 03, 2017

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Paul G Allen

Black Swan Event: Why Did a Tech Billionaire Defy the Odds and Give Big to a Museum?

Inside Philanthropy

One outlier is Paul Allen, but even his visual arts-related gives came with caveats.

He generously funded the establishment of the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, but that was over 10 years ago. And his Seattle-based gallery, Pivot Art + Culture, opened in December of 2015, only to close less than two years later…


Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan refunds donations as Seattle tests new election laws

Seattle Times

But leaders of at least five — Vulcan, Lamar Advertising, Puget Sound Energy, Clise Properties and Starbucks — have given her money. The contributors include Vulcan founder Paul Allen, Starbucks founder Howard Schulz and Clise’s chief executive officer.

While companies that spend heavily on lobbyists are barred from giving, lobbyists themselves aren’t; at least a dozen lobbyists employed by companies and organizations covered by the law have given money to Durkan…


Fast Forward: What a Big Gift for Life Sciences Research Means for This University

Inside Philanthropy

Or, on a smaller scale, consider the money that’s lately been flowing to the University of Washington in Seattle with the explicit goal of vaulting it upwards in the higher ed pecking order. That flow includes Paul Allen’s recent $50 million endowment gift to establish the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington.

Ed Lazowska, who holds UW’s Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science and Engineering, laid out the school’s ambitions accordingly: “The goal here is, instead of there being a top-four program, to be a top-five program, and for us to be the fifth,” behind MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and Berkeley…


Vulcan Inc.

Seattle Sees The Future, And It’s Tech-Driven


Seattle is not a booming real estate market, according to the speakers at our recent Seattle State of the Market event. Instead, Seattle is fundamentally different than it used to be.

Once a regional economic hub, now the metro area is a global city on the cutting edge of the tech economy. So the recent growth here is something more than just a boom that will recede with the next recession…


Vulcan Real Estate

Central Area coalition has designed for the future

Capitol Hill Times

Last week’s open house was the last round of public comment before the draft proposal is finalized. The bill will be reviewed by several city departments, undergo public comment periods, and be analyzed for environmental impact before it goes to the city council for a vote. If there are no appeals, the coalition hopes the bill will be adopted by city council in mid-2018. By the time the design guidelines likely become law, Central Area residents won’t be able to celebrate in the space that currently houses Black Zone.

The event space and art gallery is part of the Promenade 23 shopping center, which was purchased, along with the commercial center across the street, for nearly $31 million by Vulcan Real Estate in early February. To make room for Vulcan’s planned development of mixed-use buildings, Black Zone and the other businesses in the shopping center will close by the end of the year…


Column: States doing some big game hunting in Amazon’s jungle

Chicago Tribune

Locals in this city call one neighborhood the Amazon Jungle because that is where those who work at the online retailer — Amazonians — live, work and play.

This area is getting a lot of out-of-town traffic of late as Amazon is entertaining offers from locations across the nation for its new second headquarters worth 50,000 jobs and a massive $5 billion construction project…


Vulcan Aerospace

Stratolaunch on track for 2020 commercial launch


One outlier is Paul Allen, but even his visual arts-related gives came with caveats.

He generously funded the establishment of the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, but that was over 10 years ago. And his Seattle-based gallery, Pivot Art + Culture, opened in December of 2015, only to close less than two years later…


Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

New Artificial Intelligence Podcast “Voices in AI” Now Available in iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play


AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 2, 2017, /PRNewswire/ — Voices in AI, voicesinai.com, a series of in-depth interviews between Byron Reese and leading thinkers in AI, is now available as a podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. Volume 1, a collection of seven episodes, was released today in partnership with argodesign.

The seven guests featured are: Yoshua Bengio (Professor; author, Deep Learning), Oren Etzioni (CEO of [Paul] Allen AI Institute), Mark Rolston (argodesign), Jeff Dean (Google), Daphne Koller (Coursera), Nick Bostrom (Author, Superintelligence), Jared Ficklin (argodesign)…


Voices in AI – Episode 2: A Conversation with Oren Etzioni


Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI, brought to you by Gigaom. I’m Byron Reese. Today, our guest is Oren Etzioni. He’s a professor of computer science who founded and ran University of Washington’s Turing Center. And since 2013, he’s been the CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

The Institute investigates problems in data mining, natural language processing, and the semantic web. And if all of that weren’t enough to keep a person busy, he’s also a venture partner at the Madrona Venture Group. Business Insider called him, quote: “The most successful entrepreneur you’ve never heard of.”..


Allen Distinguished Educators

There’s a selfie app that diagnoses pancreatic cancer

Kicker Daily News

Admit it or not, mobile apps have dominated our modern lives. Each activity – be it photography, studying or interacting with friends – has probably one or more apps for it.

There’s an app for everything that recently a smartphone app was developed to diagnose pancreatic cancer. Researchers from the University of Washington created the app called “BiliScreen”, which monitors signs of jaundice that is a symptom of pancreatic cancer…


Smart City Challenge

Columbus 2020: T-CETRA

Columbus CEO Magazine

Columbus won the Smart City Challenge in 2016, beating out 77 other communities for a $40 million grant from the US Department of Transportation and $10 million from Vulcan, Inc., focused on intelligent transportation.

A $15 million investment by the state of Ohio equips a 35-mile stretch of US Route 33 with high-capacity fiber optic cable to instantaneously link researchers and traffic monitors with data from embedded and wireless sensors along the roadway…


10 internet of things success stories

CIO Magazine

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to have a profound effect on businesses and business models. From government to utilities, to transport and logistics, IoT is changing industries. Here are organizations from five verticals undergoing transformation because of IoT technologies.

Government: The IoT is transforming municipal life through a number of smart city initiatives. “Cities and city leaders are thinking more holistically about different uses of technology that are integrated and bringing different aspects of the city together into a unified whole,” says Tim Herbert, senior vice president, research and market intelligence, at nonprofit trade association CompTIA…


EMP Museum

Shortlist unveiled for best architecture photograph of 2017


A concrete-framed gymnasium in China, a seemingly endless atrium in South Africa and a flag-covered facade in Singapore all feature among the images vying to be named architecture photograph of the year.

Sense of place: Museum of the Pop Culture (formerly known as the EMP Museum), Seattle, USA, by Frank Gehry, photographed by Conchi Martínez..


Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Running back Chris Carson has a Broken Ankle


Seattle Seahawks rookie Chris Carson suffered a broken ankle against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night (October 1).

The breaking news on his injury situation is a terrible revelation for the young running back, as he had just secured his spot as the starting running back for the team. Now he will have to go through a long rehabilitation period, and the Seahawks will have to figure out what to do about the running game…