November 30, 2017

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Paul G Allen

Cell Culture Protein Surface Coating Market – Positive Long-Term Growth Outlook 2025

SB Wire

The American Heart Association (AHA), together with the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, announced in April, 2017 two grants–each worth US$1.5 million–to scientists working on cardiovascular extracellular matrix (ECM) research. Interested researchers have to apply for grants by May 10, and each of the two winners will be entitled to the magnanimous sum.

The ECM regulates all vital cell functions and is considered a highly useful biomaterial for investigators. This can be applied as a stable coating to be used in a variety of cell cultures…


Vulcan Aerospace

Engine Testing Underway For Stratolaunch

Aero-News Network

Stratolaunch is designed to carry rockets with satellite payloads into the upper atmosphere, where they will be released and launched into low earth orbit. It’s a concept called horizontal launch and eliminates the need to use an expendable or recoverable rocket for the initial boost into space.

That makes the rockets lighter, more efficient, and less expensive. Others are planning similar launch services. Perhaps best known among them is Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit, which is working on a scheme to use a Boeing 747 for a horizontal launch platform.Stratolaunch will carry a rocket large enough to deliver over 13,000 pounds into orbit…


Vulcan Capital

7 Small-Satellite Startups Bringing Space Down To Earth

CB Insights

Spaceflight offers the small-sat sector’s most straightforward pricing for commercial launches, as well as end-to-end management services to ensure customers complete their satellite missions on time and on budget. The company has launched 112 satellites to date for customers from 32 countries and counting.

Spaceflight identifies and manages launches executed via “ride sharing” on commercial rockets pre-scheduled for takeoff. Costs vary widely based on satellite mass and distance into space, but start at around $300,000…


Startup : 10 Blog Posts for 10 Years, Part 1: Getting Started

WeGo Business

We iterated on the name a fair bit. The first thought? “Vulcan Capital Partners. Engineering your success.” The idea of building, not betting, of engineering growth, was core to what we wanted to do. But we eventually tossed Vulcan out, in favor of a name with more gravitas, which nodded to ancient history:

On our website, we chose the tagline: “Romulus Capital promotes progress, not process. And continual progress is what fuels a fledgling startup, a sustainable success, and if you’re strong enough, an industry leader.”…


Allen Institute For Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare + A.I. Northwest: The Photos


There’s a huge opportunity in reducing the burden of EHR data entry on physicians, and machine intelligence technologies such as speech recognition could help.

Other new technologies, such as Semantic Scholar, a search engine developed by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, are designed to help medical practitioners and scientists sift through the rapidly proliferating corpus of research in their fields…


EMP Museum

Been There, Do This: Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

Travel Age West

I experienced as much while drifting through the Bowie by Mick Rock exhibit in Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (aka MoPOP, and formerly called the Experience Music Project Museum). As I drifted past colorful portraits of the eccentric rock ’n’ roll icon, soft notes from his 1969 hit “Space Oddity” drifted in and out of a nearby loudspeaker.

I was no longer in the middle of downtown Seattle; I was with Bowie himself, on a spaceship and “floating in a most peculiar way.” This sensory experience permeates the museum, which is segmented into various exhibitions that celebrate all aspects of contemporary popular culture…


Saettle Seahawks

Colin Kaepernick set to RETURN to the NFL field – on Titans player’s cleats: Embattled free agent’s former college teammate pays tribute to his ‘ultimate sacrifice’

Mail Online

Goodell, several owners and at least two NFL executives will have to turn over cellphone records and emails in relation to the case, a legal insider told ESPN.

NFL owners who will be deposed include Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, New England’s Robert Kraft, Bob McNair of the Houston Texans, Seattle’s Paul Allen and San Francisco’s Jed York…


Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue On Esports: ‘It’s Not Sports’

Sport Techie

The former commissioner’s statements also contradict the NFL’s current involvement in esports. It was announced in August that all 32 NFL teams will have esports player reps for Madden tournaments that will feature live finals events during the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl weekends. Current commisioner Roger Goodell even hailed the fan engagement opportunity esports represents to the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft, recently invested through his firm Vulcan Capital in two Seattle-area esports ventures. But Tagliabue said in his interview that esports don’t come close to being similar to real sports like football, especially in the educational arena…


WOODY: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is better at talking than building winning football teams

The News & Advance

He doesn’t have all the answers for anything, including how to run an NFL team or the league. Building a team is hard. Winning consistently year after year is hard.

Few teams can do it: New England, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Seattle come to mind for their high-quality seasons lately. Would that make Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the Rooney family in Pittsburgh, Seahawks owner Paul Allen or those who hold stock in the publicly owned Packers the NFL’s best owners?…