November 28, 2017

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Paul G Allen

Private Dollars for Public Education: The University Funding Model of the Future is Here

Inside Philanthropy

Given the sheer size and scope of the gift, it’s as if the Clark Foundation is a proxy state legislature, funding initiatives that normally fall within the purview of appropriators in Annapolis. (It also reminds me of Paul Allen’s $50 million gift to the University of Washington. Both scenarios find funders seeking to elevate a school’s engineering program with a shock-and-awe gift.)

This is yet another of many examples we’ve seen lately of state schools relying on private philanthropy to endow chairs, erect new buildings, and fund scholarships in the face of declining state appropriations as a share of total revenue…


Women May be More Vulnerable to Concussions Because of „Leaner” Nerve Fibers, Penn Study Suggests


The findings also point researchers to potential treatment options to study, including microtubule-stabilizing drugs that would help reduce microtubule breakdown in the wake of brain injuries.

“We have a couple avenues to look at to help this ion imbalance, to get the lights back on, to get the network to better function after injury, and at the same time prevent the microtubule from falling apart,” Smith said


Vulcan Capital

Pixvana Raises $14 Million Series A to Accelerate the Creation and Delivery of Immersive Video Experiences

Business Wire

There is tremendous opportunity in the XR video space and it is clear that outstanding content and storytelling tools will define this new medium,” said Stuart Nagae, General Partner, Vulcan Capital. “We think that Pixvana has an extraordinary team that really understands how to deliver cinematic, immersive experiences in XR and can build a SaaS business at scale.

Pixvana is a Seattle-based software startup that makes it easy for anyone to create next-generation video experiences. Their cloud platform SPIN Studio is the first end-to-end solution for authoring and delivering virtual, augmented, and mixed reality video content. The company is Seattle-based and venture-backed by Vulcan Capital, Madrona Venture Group, Microsoft, Cisco Investments, Raine and Hearst Ventures. Pixvana’s founders have proven startup success in media technology, and hail from senior product and engineering leadership roles at Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and Lucasfilm…


Pixvana uses virtual reality to make pitch to investors

The Columbian

Pixvana said last week that it netted $14 million from some high-profile investors including Vulcan Capital and Microsoft Ventures — after pitching the business to them using virtual-reality headsets and a custom video.

The company develops software that allows companies to edit and stitch together videos to create all-encompassing media for virtual reality and augmented reality. In the last two years, it has worked with the Seahawks and Pacific Northwest Ballet to create sweeping videos that appeal to fans and art lovers…


Allen Institute for Cell Science

Influential Leader of over 28,000 Like-Minded Physicians Leaks Plans of Cutting Edge World Center of Medical Excellence in or around Las Vegas, NV

Cision PR web

Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the Board of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (A4M), leaked in a recent interview with ‘Psychology Today’ Magazine, Dr. Goldman’s desire to join the ranks of Google, Bill Gates & Paul Allen- Allen Institute for Cell Science, Peter Thiel of PayPal and a list of other Billionaires, almost as endless as the list of successful academic, sports, and business-related accomplishments of Dr. Robert Goldman.

At the very end of this article about Goal Setting and Key Principles successful people adhere to, Dr. Bob revealed to the author what will be his legacy…


Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

A New Way for Machines to See, Taking Shape in Toronto

New York Times

Mr. Hinton, who is a kind of godfather figure for the A.I. community, is part of a small but increasingly vocal group of specialists who are working to push the industry into these alternative areas of research.

Oren Etzioni, chief executive of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, based in Seattle, lamented what he called the industry’s myopia. Its current focus on neural networks, he said, will hurt the progress of A.I. in the long run…


Great Elephant Census

Elephant populations are down 30% in the last 10 years: So why is hunting them still allowed?

The South African

First and foremost, Elephants are currently under siege. So any legislation that allows them to be hunted for sport is absolutely baseless. A hundred years ago, the population of African Elephants stood at 10 million. That figure is now a miserly 400,000.

That’s a drop of more than 95% in little over a century. They are being decimated. If that’s not scary enough, 30% of the population has been slaughtered since 2007 (Great Elephant Census)…


Dead animals are not our trophies

The Daily Illini

However, just because President Trump does not agree with hunting and has expressed that on Twitter, his stance does not do anything of substance to protect the hunted elephant populations in Africa.

Another article from The Washington Post reported that the Great Elephant Census, an organization that tracks and seeks to preserve endangered elephant populations in Africa, “found that the number of African savanna elephants fell 30 percent in just seven years, with fewer than 400,000 remaining.”…


EMP Museum

The Seattle of Jimi Hendrix summons the soul of the legendary musician

Loss Angeles Times

Seattle has no bigger Hendrix fan than Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who created the Museum of Pop Culture, or MoPOP, a Frank Gehry-designed museum originally intended to celebrate Hendrix’s music and the guitar.

Artifacts include remnants of the guitar he set afire at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and the white Fender Stratocaster Hendrix played at Woodstock in 1969. The current exhibit chronicles the last four years of his life, which ended Sept. 18, 1970, in London…