November 27, 2017

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Paul G Allen

Asider Perspective: A Personal Take on the Intersection of Public Health, GIS and Smart Cities – Part 2: Electrosmogn

Directions Magazine

The importance of weak electrical fields in life is dramatically apparent in this report of a 2011 study at the Tufts Levin Lab, which is funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Researchers measured the tiny electrical potentials around an eye as it develops on a frog embryo. They reproduced those potentials at a point on the frog embryo’s tail to cause development of another eye.

See also the use of electrical signaling in therapeutics at Pulse Biosciences (PLSE on NASDAC), a company founded by Dr. Rich Nuccitelli. Pulse Biosciences’ technology uses electrical fields to signal cancer cells to disassemble, without heat, toxic chemicals, or intense radiation…


Paul Allen gives $2 million to study Antarctic ice shelves

UW Daily Online

Paul G. Allen Philanthropies invested $2 million into the project after traditional funding sources like NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found projects like this one to be too risky.

When the ice freezes over at the end of the southern hemisphere’s summer, the three Seagliders they deploy will likely never be recovered. Each individual glider costs upward of $100,000 to produce, meaning the project would likely be impossible without a private funding source…


The new hobby of the super-rich: Hunting aliens


In the robber-baron era, the pinnacle status symbol for the super-rich was having one’s name on a library or a university, à la Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller or Andrew W. Mellon. Nowadays, that status symbol — at least for a certain segment of the Silicon Valley elite — is a radio telescope. The SETI Institute, SETI being an acronym for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” is the premier international organization tasked with scouring the skies for potential signals from alien civilizations. Currently, the SETI Institute is funded largely by individual donors — and the list of major donors reads like a who’s who of tech wealth.

Among the SETI Institute’s biggest contributors: billionaire luminaries like the late William Hewlett and David Packard, namesakes for the Hewlett-Packard Corporation; Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel; Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder; and Yuri Milner, the Russian-born venture capitalist with his fingers in many of Silicon Valley’s pies. Aside from all being billionaires, all of the aforementioned work or worked in tech in some capacity…


The most stunning photos Business Insider took in 2017

Business Insider

Inside the most expensive zip code in Silicon Valley, where tech moguls like Eric Schmidt and Paul Allen have their mansions…


Seattle’s Space Needle, showing signs of age at 55, is getting a ‘space lift’ — at a cost of up to $100 million

Los Angeles Times

Berger, author of “Space Needle: The Spirit of Seattle,” said the city’s cultural destiny was likely changed by the Needle’s conception, first sketched out on that cocktail napkin by Edward Carlson, then president of Western International Hotels, in 1959.

“It put a pin in the map of our destiny as a tech town,” Berger said. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Amazon-South Lake Union [building-boom] phenom is happening in the shadow of the Needle, or that Paul Allen and Bill Gates, who both visited the world’s fair that spawned it, have built structures literally next door.”…


Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Inside the X ‘moonshot factory’: Here’s where Google’s ideas take flight (or fizzle


Idea factories are turning into a growth industry — thanks in part to new entrants in the Seattle area such as BlueDot, Intellectual Ventures’ ISF Incubator and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence’s startup incubator. The way Teller sees it, all that interest validates the approach that he’s been pioneering for years.

“I feel like we’re in competition with the problems, not in competition with other people trying to solve problems,” he told GeekWire. “I’m so happy to see other groups trying to solve some of humanity’s problems.”…


Living Computer Museum

Tech fad or real trend? Seattle’s Living Computers Museum + Labs places bets in newest exhibits


Yet trend-or-fad math appears to be a never-ending calculation for Lath Carlson, executive director of Living Computers: Museum + Labs in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. One year ago, Living Computers re-branded itself by changing its name from the more staid Living Computer Museum.

It also simultaneously expanded, adding a main floor of lively, interactive exhibits that showcase trends indicating where technology may be going, as a complement to its upper floor of historically significant — and working — computers…


Experience Music Project

Jimi Hendrix turns 75: Looking back at his legacy

Seattle Pi

Today, on what would have been his 75th birthday, Hendrix’s contribution to music is hard to over-state. As Peter Bletcha puts it on HistoryLink: “He was the magic missing link between existing traditional R&B forms and progressive interstellar acid rock of the Aquarian Age; the one guitarist who sent shivers of envious fear coursing through the veins of rock ‘n’ roll’s leading guitar gods.”

You can still see some remenants of his legacy around town: The statue of him up on Capitol Hill, or the Museum of Pop Culture, which opened as the Experience Music Project in 2000, and was founded in honor of Jimi Hendrix. (And although it was promptly voted as one of the ugliest buildings by various outlets, the structure itself remains a unique homage to his flaming guitar act.)…


Seattle Seahawks

Michael Bennett proudly shows off U.S. Army unit coin from Vietnam War he got on field after win at SF

The News Tribune

The Seahawks’ Pro Bowl defensive end again sat during the national anthem Sunday before Seattle’s win here over San Francisco. That was after he stood during the anthmes before the previous two games when Seattle and Arizona hosted “Salute to Service” nights.

Eight of Bennett’s teammates joined him in sitting Sunday. Left tackle Duane Brown and defensive end Branden Jackson each took a knee beside them in front of the bench on the Seahawks’ sideline…