November 24, 2017

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Paul G Allen

Bill Gates just gave us 50 million ways to re-think the human brain


There are a million reasons why our brains are important, so I’m glad that Bill Gates added $50 million to efforts to understand one of the ways the brain can be hobbled. Gates is supporting efforts to understand and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

His friend and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has already put money into brain research more broadly through the Allen Institute for Brain Sciences, which he founded in 2003. Allen has funded other research specifically targeted at Alzheimer’s as well…


Allen Distinguished Educators

5 lessons Seattle can teach other cities about Amazon

The Bellingham Herald

Amazon, the colossus of internet commerce that was founded here, is conducting the most dramatic sweepstakes of modern capitalism in throwing open a competition for a coequal second headquarters.

The company has promised to create about 50,000 new jobs at HQ2, as they’re calling it, paralleling the similar number the company plans to employ here over the next couple of years…


Great Elephant Census

Locking horns to save the rhino


According to the Great Elephant Census, for instance, there are roughly 130 000 elephants in Botswana, nearly a third of the continent’s remaining savannah elephants. Many have migrated there from neighbouring countries – “elephant refugees” – to escape hunting or poaching.

Some have argued that this has the unintended effect of elephant overpopulation in Botswana but this is disputed in conservation circles. It does seem to hold, though, that an over-concentration of elephants in too small an area can damage ecosystems, and increase human-wildlife conflict…


Smart City Challenge

Launch of Federal Smaty City Challenge

Itac Acti

Today Minister Sohi officially launched the Smart City Challenge with the release of program timing, guidance and evaluation criteria. ITAC members have been working with Infrastructure Canada over the past year to provide input into the design of the SCC, and we welcome it’s official launch!

ITAC’s CEO Robert Watson notes, “More Canadians than ever live in cities – and we need technology to help make our urban centres more productive, sustainable and livable. The Smart City Challenge is a great step by the federal government to get more cities focused on using technology to drive urban innovation.”…


CCPPP Statement on the Launch of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge


The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) enthusiastically salutes the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. This is an exciting initiative that will allow Canadian communities to take a global leadership role in this first digital century.

In the parlance of the new millennium, the Smart City Challenge encourages cities, towns and Indigenous communities to disrupt themselves. It gives them permission and incentive to break out of the “we’ve always done it this way” trap…


Seattle Seahawks

I’m thankful that the Seahawks have these things.

Medical Health News

Ten years ago if I had told you the fate for the 2007-2017 Seahawks, you might have called me a liar. Hell, I would’ve called me a liar. I’m thankful for a lot, but specifically within the Seattle Seahawks organization I’m thankful for the following.

I’m thankful for good management: Debate over the latest controversial play call aside, we are so lucky to have a coaching and management duo of our team as tireless and competent as Pete Carroll and John Schneider…