January 25, 2018

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Paul G Allen

Google Lunar X Prize Runs Out Of Fuel, Ending $30 Million Moonshot Contest


These various ventures helped fuel a privately funded space race led by four tech billionaires. They are Tesla ( TSLA ) CEO Elon Musk, who is also the founder of SpaceX; Amazon ( AMZN ) CEO Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin; Microsoft ( MSFT ) co-founder Paul Allen has Stratolaunch Systems, while Branson has Virgin Galactic.

“Even though we are disappointed that we do not have a winner at this time, we are proud of the impact that the Google Lunar X Prize has achieved to date,” the X Prize statement said…


The whopping $30 million Google Lunar X Prize goes unclaimed, confirms Google

International Business Times

According to a statement issued by Google, it has been learned that difficulties in fundraising, technical and regulatory challenges have negatively impacted the teams to conduct the launch before the deadline.

The Lunar X Prize competition was launched in 2007, and it was a follow up to the first X Prize competition, for the first privately-financed spacecraft to make it to space. The Spaceship one vehicle designed by Burt Rutan and financed by Paul G Allen won that competition…


The Google Lunar X prize’s race to the moon is over. Nobody won

Business Standard

The organizers at the X Prize Foundation conceded that none of the five remaining entrants have a chance of getting off the ground by the deadline at the end of March. The competition, financed by Google and announced with much fanfare in 2007, was a follow-on to the first X Prize competition.

For the first privately-financed spacecraft to make it to space. That was won by the SpaceShipOne vehicle designed by Burt Rutan and financed by billionaire Paul G Allen…


PCs made everyone more productive at home, school, and at work — and artificial intelligence could change the world just as much

Long Room

This post is part of Business Insider’s ongoing series on Better Capitalism. We’re already seeing the impact of AI, argues Microsoft’s Harry Shum. To make it truly benefit everyone, it needs to be developed responsibly.

When Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft more than 40 years ago, their aim was to bring the benefits of computing — then largely locked up in mainframes — to everyone…


Vulcan Inc.

Taking Extreme Steps to Help Corals Survive

Cutting Edge

Ruth Gates snorkels by bleached (left) and healthy (right) corals near Oahu, Hawaii. In her research, she selectively breeds resilient corals.Vulcan Inc.

In 2014 and 2015, unusually warm water hit Hawaii. Under stress, many corals rejected their symbiotic algae. They then blanched from a healthy brown to white. Some died…


Vulcan Capital

Off Grid Electric to expand into Ghana with $55mn Series D funding

Business Chief

“They join a roster of strategic and capital partners that is already the strongest in the industry, including Tesla, Total, EDF, DBL Partners, Zouk Capital, Vulcan Capital, and Omidyar Network.”

“As the largest private equity firm exclusively focused on Africa, energy access is a priority theme for Helios,” stated Tope Lawani, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Helios Partners…


20 mighty European mobile and e-commerce start-ups

Silicon Republic

The technology, developed by Mark Cummins and Charles Bibby, gives retailers a chance to shine online in a world increasingly dominated by online giants such as Amazon.

Dublin-based start-up Pointy last year raised $6m in a Series A funding round led by Frontline Ventures and also including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital…


Call for Top Innovators to present to leading Investors (details below)

EIN Press Wire

Come meet, interact and network with more than 500 VCs, Corporate VCs, angel investors, investment bankers and CEOs of early stage and emerging growth companies at the prestigious Venture Summit | West being held on March 13th – 14th, 2018 at the Santa Clara Conference Center, Sana Clara, CA.

Whether you’re a startup seeking capital and exposure, or an investor seeking new deals, Venture Summit | West presented by youngStartup Ventures – is one event you won’t want to miss…


Allen Distinguished Educators

#MemoriesInDNA Project wants to store your photos in DNA for the benefit of science – and future generations

My Science

“It’s your turn to show us what should be preserved in DNA forever,” said Luis Ceze , professor in the UW’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. “We want people to go out and take a picture of something that they want the world to remember – it’s a fun opportunity to send a message to future generations and help our research in the process.”

DNA data storage has emerged as a potential solution to bridge the growing gap between the amount of digital data generated today – by everything from commercial video to space imagery to medical records – and our ability to affordably and efficiently store that data…


EMP Museum

Time Keeps On Slippin’

Vintage Guitar

Whether for its visual impact or because the instrument was so well-made, played well, and sounded good, Ron LaPread briefly used one with the Commodores and was pictured with it in a late-’76 brochure and that year’s catalog. Perhaps contributing to its collectibility today, Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic played one; his is now part of the Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture (formerly known as the Experience Music Project) in Seattle.

Speaking of collectibility, those who seek an original know the challenge in finding a one with the delicate headstock that has survived intact or without needing repair. A fragile design element, even one tip-over posed great peril…


Seattle Seahawks

Washington Redskins Dan Snyder makes Forbes richest owners list

Riggos Rag

Nevertheless, Snyder’s lackluster performance won’t be met with an evaluation from oversight. Snyder is the oversight. The only way a change in leadership will occur is if Snyder steps down, and he doesn’t appear willing to do so. For the foreseeable future, winning with Snyder is the ultimate goal. And it could be even harder than it sounds.

$2.6 billion may sound like a lot of money, but in fact, over half of the NFL’s owners are more wealthy than Snyder. Owners that came ahead of Snyder include 0-16 Browns owner Jimmy Haslam (No. 25),. The wealthiest NFL owner, Seahawks Paul Allen, came in at No. 2 with $20.6 billion to his name…


Portland Trail Blazers

NBA trade rumors: Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard wants out? Cavaliers dumping Kevin Love?


As if Leonard’s reported unhappiness wasn’t enough, later on Monday reports came out that Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard met with Portland owner Paul Allen to discuss the organization’s direction going forward.

The Blazers are 25-22 and in the Western Conference playoff race, though they aren’t considered true contenders and their cap situation isn’t in great shape…


Lillard, team owner Allen meet to discuss Trail Blazers’ future

Xinhua Net

According to ESPN, the talk took place last Thursday before the Blazers’ home game against the Indiana Pacers. Most of the discussion centered on Lillard sharing with Allen his desire to stay with the Blazers and also the goal of building a championship-contending team around the star.

Lillard has lifted the team to the postseason many times since he moved to Portland. The team is now 25-22 and seventh in the Western Conference. The Blazers have not won more than three games in a row at any point this season and have not lost more than five in a row at any point either…


1-24 The Road to Larry O’ Podcast breaks down the current NBA soap opera and debates whether the NBA All-Star Draft should be televised or not

Audio Boom

Adam Copeland and Medium Impact Brian Banifatemi break down the entire NBA soap opera including the Cavaliers emotional team meeting and the future of their franchise, Damian Lillard meeting with Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen, Wizards holding a team meeting like the Cavs.

Jason Kidd’s surprise firing, Kemba Walker trade rumors and Kawhi Leonard’s future with the Spurs. The guys also break down the 2018 NBA All-Star game selections and snubs and debate whether or not the All-Star Game Draft should be televised or not…


NBA power rankings: Off-court intrigue surrounds Blazers

KGW8 News

A DeAndre Jordan trade rumor and a report about a meeting between Damian Lillard and team owner Paul Allen have Blazers fans abuzz this week.

The results on the court for the Portland Trail Blazers this week have taken a backseat to reports and rumors about what’s happening off the hardwood…


Blazers President and CEO Chris McGowan with D&A

Rip City Radio

Portland Trailblazers President Chris McGowan called into Dwight & Aaron’s first show, to discuss Damian Lillard going to the NBA All-Star Game and the news about Lillard wanting to have a meeting with team owner Paul Allen…


Terry Stotts not surprised Dame met w/ Paul Allen

Rip City Radio

This is not a big issue for Stotts, specifically because Damian Lillard was referenced in the ESPN article as having full support for his head coach in the meeting with Paul Allen. The bigger question is what Allen thinks about the overall direction of his franchise?

This question that goes unanswered as Allen grants interviews with media outlets even less often than he grants an audience with his star point guard…


NBA Power Rankings: Rockets back up to second, Cavaliers keep sliding

NBC Sports

Damian Lillard got back into the All-Star Game this year and it’s well deserved. He also sat down with owner Paul Allen and wanted to talk the future of the franchise — he wants to win more and contends, but the Blazers have a lot of big contracts and kind of are what they are right now.

Allen and GM Neil Olshey want to be active at the trade deadline, but there may not be a deal out there that works for them in a tight market…