January 12, 2018

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Paul G Allen

Rachel Whetstone: The posh girl loved by the valley billionaires


Atherton, where Whetstone and Hilton live today, is the town with the richest residents per square foot in America, according to Forbes. Their neighbours include Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google. But friends who visit from London say that Whetstone is still ‘decidedly unshowy’.

Her home (although it cost £16m) is ‘like a Thirties-style house in Surrey. It’s not uptight or staffed up – it’s homely.’ Bantams free-roam in the garden, and there are tortoises and pigs. Whetstone enjoys gardening, and the dahlias and gardenias that grow around the unused tennis court are her pride…


Laurie Tisch, Collecting the Giants, of New York and Modern Art

New York Times

Three or four things. A few years ago, I was on the phone with a top auctioneer bidding on this beautiful Georgia O’Keeffe white flower. He said, “I can’t tell you who you’re bidding against, but you probably don’t want to stay on the phone much longer.” That was good advice. It went for $45 million. A year later, I found out the two bidders were Paul Allen and Alice Walton!…


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft Corporation

The Motley Fool

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering its staggering growth, Microsoft is believed to have created at least two billionaires other than Gates — including co-founder Paul Allen and former CEO Steve Ballmer — as well as more than 12,000 millionaires…


Seahawks to make their London debut in 2018 vs. Raiders


The NFL announced Thursday that the Seahawks are one of six teams scheduled to play in London next season as part of the league’s International Series. They’ll make their London debut against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, Oct. 14 at the new stadium of the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur soccer club.

Seahawks owner Paul Allen wrote in a tweet: “#12s, the weather will be the same, but instead of coffee we’ll drink tea.”…


Why is Microsoft so successful?

Computer World

Perhaps the biggest event during the early years occurred when IBM asked Microsoft to write an operating system for the computer they were developing.  IBM believed that if personal computers were successful, they would not only make their mainstream typewriter product line obsolete, but they may be a logical successor to the typewriter and could potentially revolutionize the business for IBM.

It’s hard to know whether Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen predicted this as well, but when IBM asked for an exclusive licensing agreement for the operating system software (MS-DOS), Microsoft denied exclusivity…


Stanford’s Daejon Davis, a hit on ‘SportsCenter,’ heads home to Washington

SF Gate

“Part of it was a belief in him and his abilities and knowing that if we were going to have a successful campaign, a lot of it was going to come down on his ability to perform.”

For two years, Davis attended Seattle’s Lakeside School, a private institution whose graduates include Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. But after his sophomore year, he wanted to transfer to perennial basketball powerhouse Garfield High, four blocks from his home…


Vulcan Inc.

Nuclear fusion is coming, but will it power peace or war?

The Nation

For instance, TAE Technologies, begun in the US in 1998, proposes using a colliding beam fusion reactor technology, similar to a particle accelerator. TAE is backed by over US$500 million of private funding by investors like Goldman Sachs and venture capitalists such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc. In a vote of confidence last year, former US secretary of energy Dr Ernest J Moniz joined TAE’s board of directors.

Another competing technology is that of the Canadian-based General Fusion, backed by over $100 million in venture funding, including from the Business Development Bank of Canada and Khazanah Nasional, a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund…


Vulcan Capital

Avvo to be acquired by Internet Brands, parent of WebMD and Martindale-Hubbell, in major exit for Seattle-based legal marketplace

Geek Wire

Seattle-based Avvo, which runs an online legal directory, marketplace and reviews site, has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Internet Brands, a large holding company whose portfolio includes companies such as eDoctors, CarsDirect Connect and WebMD.

Internet Brands is especially strong in the legal arena, holding interests in Lawyers.com, AllLaw.com, Martindale-Hubbell and Nolo. That strength played a big role in the company’s decision to be acquired…


Allen Institute for Brain Science

Neuroinformatics and The Blue Brain Project

Technology Networks

So, how do you get all of the scientists in the field to agree on the specific coordinate space of each individual neuron?  Well, this is what we are trying to achieve with Atlas Templates. We are trying to encourage scientists to come together to build reference coordinate spaces for specific species.

The Allen Institute for Brain Science, for instance, produces their Common Coordinate Framework Atlas for the mouse, this is an Atlas Template that we can then use at Blue Brain to organize our data. If we record our data within the constraints of these templates other scientists can do the same and more readily compare their data to ours…


Smart City Challenge

City of Toronto wants to hear your smart city ideas

New in Homes

“Smart city initiatives can improve all aspects of livability and opportunity in a city,” says Michael Kolm, the City’s Chief Transformation Officer. “We’re committed to improving public services – now and in the future – and the Smart Cities Challenge will help to inspire new smart approaches to make a difference in Toronto.” The finalists will be announced this summer and the winners will be unveiled in spring 2019.

Toronto has many smart city initiatives in the works including a recent partnership with Waze to track traffic data, the smart traffic signal pilot to keep Toronto moving, and Waterfront Toronto is working with Alphabet company, Sidewalk Labs, to build a smart neighbourhood on the city’s waterfront…


Smart cities are all about the community


David Heyman,co-founder of Smart City Works, agrees. “In the US, there is very little top-down effort to stimulate market forces to enable cities to get smarter,” he says. In addition to the NIST Global Cities Team Challenge, he points to the USDOT’s Smart City Challenge, won by Columbus, Ohio. “That stimulated lot of activity in the transportation space.”

Aside from these two, Heyman sees little top-down effort to stimulate a robust, smart-city technology ecosystem. Noting that some cities on their own have been working with industry and startups on visions and even specific projects, he says that startups have a huge opportunity in the US market…


Where Are Chicago’s Driverless Cars?

American INNO

Out in the Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge, Roman Kuropas is leading Innova EV, a vehicle company he founded in 2012. He makes two versions of his car, the Dash: A highly automated one and a manual one. But both are an electric vehicle that looks much like a Smart Car. The two-seater is 90 inches long, weighs about 1,100 pounds, can get up to 35 mph and travel 150 miles on a single charge.

Kuropas is one of the first in Illinois to experiment with autonomous vehicles, but since the state’s regulations around fully autonomous vehicles are still unclear, he’s playing it safe and is opting to test them at Ohio State University in Columbus as part of the Smart City Challenge, a nationwide program that aims to improve transportation…


Cortez Masto calls for hearing on addressing country’s transportation, Infrastructure Challenges

Cortez Masto

Even before the USDOT administered a competitive grant program known as the SMART City Challenge, and awarded $40 million to Columbus, Ohio to implement their plan to connect isolated communities to health care facilities, smart community concepts were gaining popularity throughout America.

Since then, we have seen an explosion of activity and interest in the development of smart communities in order to benefit safety, efficiency, and broader quality of life…


Living Computer Museum

Attend a Jan. 13 Open House to Learn About Georgetown Steam Plant’s Future

Powerlines Blog

SEATTLE – Seattle City Light will open the Georgetown Steam Plant to the public Jan. 13 for an open house, free guided tours and a chance to learn of key recommendations made by an outside committee comprised of historic preservationists, arts, culture and museum professionals and small business and history experts.

The Georgetown Steam Plant Advisory Committee was convened by the utility in spring of 2016 to advise on future restoration, use and management of the 110-year-old National Historic Landmark, owned by City Light since 1951…


Seattle Seahawks

Good thing the Seahawks kept, and fired, Darrell Bevell

Field Gulls

The Seattle Seahawks fired Darrell Bevell because he was bad. Also, they kept him for seven years because he was amazing.

Both are possible. At once, yes. Why not? Football’s complicated. Maybe the most complex and convoluted of the major sports. And complicated is as complicated does…


Seahawks will finally play in London: 2018 game there against Oakland

The Olympian

The NFL announced on Thursday the Seahawks are going to play in London for the first time in 2018, against the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 14 at the new stadium of the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur soccer team in north London.

Seattle will be the designated “road” team, meaning the Seahawks did not give up one of their eight home games for next season. It will be the first NFL played in Tottenham’s new, gee-whiz, 750-million-pound ($1-billion, for us Yanks) palace…


Thursday Round-Up: Social Media Reaction To The Seahawks’ 2018 Game In London


On Thursday, the NFL announced that the Seahawks will be one of six teams to travel overseas to London in 2018, joining Oakland, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Los Angeles (Chargers). As the road team, the Seahawks will face the Raiders on October 14. Here’s how Seahawks owner Paul Allen and others reacted to the news on social media…