December 04, 2017

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Paul G Allen

Seattle City Council expected to approve OVG plan to renovate KeyArena on Monday

Seattle Times

Politicians dislike supporting projects with backlash from major players. Or even from minor ones, such as the various citizens’ groups OVG spent months courting via meetings and advisory panels. OVG tried to put out fires before they got started and never gave politicians reason for alarm.

With the Sodo project, too many powerful figures lined up against it. Not just the Port. Or the Mariners. But union members and the Seahawks as well. Paul Allen’s First & Goal company was complaining to the city about potential event scheduling problems with the Sodo arena as far back as early 2015…


Bill Gates’ kids may not inherit his fortune, but he is setting them up for success in other ways


Bill Gates may not be leaving much of his $89 billion fortune to his three kids, but he is setting them up to follow in his footsteps. Gates was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and enrolled at Lakeside School, a private day school located on the shores of Lake Washington, when he was 13. While there, Gates discovered a love of computers and met Paul Allen, with whom he later co-founded Microsoft.

Gates’ two eldest children, 21-year-old Jennifer and 18-year-old Rory, have both graduated from Lakeside and 16-year-old Phoebe is currently enrolled there. Jennifer is now a student at Stanford University…


Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The godfather of AI is working on a new way for machines to see

Seattle Times

Hinton, who is a kind of godfather figure for the AI community, is part of a small but increasingly vocal group of specialists who are working to push the industry into these alternative areas of research.

Oren Etzioni, chief executive of the Seattle-based Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, lamented what he called the industry’s myopia. Its current focus on neural networks, he said, will hurt the progress of AI in the long run…


It’s gonna get a lot easier to break Science Journal Paywalls


A particularly novel web crawler comes from the non-profit Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Semantic Scholar pores over a corpus of 40 million citations in computer science and biomedicine, and extracts the tables and charts as well as using machine learning to infer meaningful cites as “highly influential citations,” a new metric. Almost a million people use it every month.

“We use AI techniques, particularly natural language processing and machine vision, to process the PDF and extract information that helps readers decide if the paper is of interest,” says Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for AI. “The net effect of all this is that more and more is open, and a number of publishers … have said making content discoverable via these search engines is not a bad thing.”…


Great Elephant Census

The True Cost of a Dead Elephant

Scientific American

In November, President Donald Trump’s administration initially announced the suspension of a previous ban on importing elephant trophies into the United States from two African nations. According to the landmark Great Elephant Census, there are now only 350,000 African savanna elephants left in the wild—down 30 percent in seven years.

Populations have declined in both Zimbabwe and Zambia over that period. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is in the midst of a crisis of governance, making this announcement particularly hard to understand…